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Welcome to Jones Public Schools


At this time, no ESA / School Voucher legislation is scheduled for a vote. Thank you for making phone calls and sending Email to our legislators telling them Jones does not support financing private schools. There is a lot of misinformation that continues to be spread throughout the state; however, they do not provide the actual statistics for your community. I will always be glad to open our books and show everyone exactly how destructive any type of voucher system will be for Jones. This issue will come up again, and when it does, we will make sure our friends at 23rd and Lincoln know how we feel. 

Thank you again for standing up for our students!!

Carl Johnson, Ph.D.




Also, there is a new opportunity to share in the direction of Jones Public Schools: 

Jones Public Schools Parent and Community Advisory Committee


Create an opportunity for community members and the district superintendent to strengthen the school/community relationship through an exchange of ideas and information, and build trust by sharing concerns and perspectives.

The group will attempt to meet monthly and discuss any topic of interest. Agendas, if any, will intentionally be short with few items. The topic will be determined at the meeting. Participation will be by invitation; however, all are welcome. The group works best with 12 -15 in attendance, and we hope to have about 6 – 8 new members at each meeting. After attending 2 – 3 meetings, we ask that you invite someone else to attend in your place. The goal is to have a mix of new and returning members at each meeting.

We try to not place a time limit on the meeting, but we target a one hour meeting. In the past, meetings have run 2 ½ hours.

Meetings are for the benefit of the students of Jones Pubic Schools, and while we welcome all topics to that end, we ask that personal issues specific to your child or family be discussed at a different time.

If you would like to participate in future meetings, please contact:


Carl Johnson, Ph.D.


Jones Public Schools


 It’s a Great Day to be a Longhorn!


Jones Public Schools needs bus drivers. We will train you and assist you through the licensing process. This is a great opportunity to become a valuable part of a child's school day. 

It's A Great Day to BECOME A Longhorn!!!