An act that was implemented in 1934 that ensures that Native American Children receive the education opportunities that would not otherwise be provided.

It is a supplementary program that provides specialized educational needs of Native American Students attending public Schools.

The Kickapoo Johnson O'Malley Program provides services to Native American children who attend Jones Public Schools.

A student must be an enrolled member of a state or federally recognized tribe or provide documentation of at least 1/4 degree of a state or federally recognized tribe( such as CDIB or enrollment verification) to be in the JOM Program.

Services Provided

  • Basic school supplies

  • Book Fair

  • Field Trip Fees

  • Class Dues

  • Cultural Activities

  • Educational Enrichment

  • ACT Testing Fee

  • Summer School Fee

  • Band Instrument Fee

  • Computer Fees and Materials

  • High School Senior Deposit

Services provided when funding is available.

Documents Required:

  • Completed JOM Application with proper school official signature and school seal. (Link on left)

  • CDIB or Enrollment Verification.

  • Educational Support Application(Link on the left)

  • Incentive Application.

Contact Information:

Petra Jimenez

PO Box 70

McLoud, OK 74851

Phone: 405-964-5002 ext 10

Fax: 405-964-7179

email: pjimenez@okkt.net