About the Club

Academic Bowl is a game in which two teams compete in general knowledge trivia challenges. Players must possess a wide range of knowledge, a competitive spirit, the desire to learn and improve, and the ability to quickly recall information. Questions can be about school subjects, current events, or even sports and entertainment. It takes a team full of people with different strengths and interests to succeed, and I believe we have that here at Jones. –Mr. Gierhart


Captain – Sean Carmichael

Schedule of Activities (I will have these Activity Requests ready soon)

Monday, October 9 – District Seeding, Location TBD

Saturday, November 11 – Regional Tournament, TBD

Saturday, January 13 – Area Tournament, TBD

Saturday, February 3 – State Tournament, TBD


Sean Carmichael

Treyton Dorrell

Peggy Dodd

Maliah Perkey

Eanna Sanders